TIME: A few seconds later
PLACE: Mars Space Control and the Centerville Public Library
AT RISE: Captain Omega stands at the centre, opening and closing card catalogue drawers in a confused fashion. Lieutenant Iota is up left, counting books in a bookcase. Sergeant Oop is at the right, opening and closing a book, turning it upside down, shaking it and then riffling the pages and shaking his head.
NOODLE: (adjusting knobs) I have a close sighting of the space crew, sir.
(Think-Tank puts on a pair of enormous goggles and turns towards the stage to watch.) They seem to have entered some sort of Earth structure.
THINK-TANK: Excellent. Make voice contact.
Scene 2 of the play began after scene 1 was completed, and it was set up in Mars Space Control and the Centerville Public Library. Centerville is the county headquarters and largest city located in Iowa.
After the curtain was opened, new characters Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota, and Sergeant Oop, appeared on stage. Captain Omega continued opening and closing the catalogue drawers in the library, which held a list of the library's numerous books. He was perplexed because he had no idea what those catalogues were for. Lieutenant Iota, on the other hand, was counting the books on the bookcase. Sergeant oop, on the other hand, was closing and opening the book, shaking and shifting the pages without knowing what it was. All three of them did not have any clue that it was a library. Noodle then informed Think-Tank that he would investigate the location further.
Think-Tank then wore his large goggles and examined the place the crew reached. The Martian  crew appeared to have arrived in Earth space. And Think-Tank was happy about it.
Two things can be inferred from the previous lines. To begin with, these lines show that Martians did not have a reading habit or were not accustomed to reading communication. Second, it's possible that the author wanted to emphasise that the Martians were so advanced in  technology that they didn't use books and instead relied on technical devices.
Meaning of difficult words:
Goggle A protective glass that guards eyes against chemicals, wind, water, etc
CrewA group of people who works together under someone
BookcaseA shelf to keep books
Riffle To turn over the pages of books quickly
Catalogue A list of all items
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