THINK-TANK: Earth — of course. You see how insignificant the place is? But first, something important. My mirror. I wish to consult my mirror.
NOODLE: It shall be done, sir. (He hands Think-Tank a mirror.)
THINK-TANK: Mirror, mirror, in my hand. Who is the most fantastically intellectually gifted being in the land?
OFFSTAGE VOICE: (after a pause) You, sir.
THINK-TANK: (smacking mirror) Quicker. Answer quicker next time. I hate a slow mirror. (He admires himself in the mirror.) Ah, there I am. Are we Martians not a handsome race? So much more attractive than those ugly Earthlings with their tiny heads. Noodle, you keep on exercising your mind, and someday you’ll have a balloon brain just like mine.
NOODLE: Oh, I hope so, Mighty Think-Tank. I hope so.
THINK-TANK: Now, contact the space probe. I want to invade that primitive ball of mud called Earth before lunch.
NOODLE: It shall be done, sir. (He adjusts levers on the switchboard. Electronic buzzes and beeps are heard as the curtains open.)
The planet Earth was deemed insignificant by Think-Tank, and he ordered Noodle to get him his mirror so that he could consult with it.
The above lines illustrate the author's imaginary vision of how the twentieth century would be filled with technology so that a mirror could be consulted for taking decisions.
Noodle handed Think-Tank a mirror as he instructed when Think-Tank asked the mirror as to who was the more intelligent in the land. The mirror told Think-Tank that he was the most intelligent creature on the planet. However, Think-Tank was dissatisfied after listening to the mirror because the mirror took a long time to respond to Think-Tank's query. This caused Think-Tank to be angry and so warned the mirror to reply quickly the next time.
Think-Tank then looked in the mirror and informed himself that Martians are more attractive than Earthlings with small heads.
According to Think-Tank, a person who exercises their brain regularly will have their heads expanded with more knowledge. And it was with this in mind that he advised Noodle to exercise his intellect regularly, which Noodle accepted.
Think-Tank then commanded the Noodle to contact a space probe to attack and conquer Earth before his meal. Noodle modified switchboard levers as soon as Think-Tank placed the order. As the stage's curtains opened, electronic buzzes and beeps were heard.
Meaning of difficult words:
PrimitiveRefers to the earliest period or age
EarthlingA word used by aliens to refer to humans
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