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NOODLE: (bowing) O Great and Mighty Think-Tank, the most powerful and intelligent creature in the whole universe, what are your orders?
THINK-TANK: (peevishly) You left out part of my salutation, Apprentice Noodle. Go over the whole thing again.
NOODLE: It shall be done, sir. (in a singsong) O Great and Mighty Think-Tank, Ruler of Mars and her two moons, the most powerful and intelligent creature in the whole universe — (out of breath) what-are-your-orders?
THINK-TANK: That’s better, Noodle. I wish to be placed in communication with our manned space probe to that ridiculous little planet we are going to put under our generous rulership. What do they call it, again?
NOODLE: Earth, your Intelligence.
Following the introduction of the characters, the play begins with a conversation between the Martians. Noodle, Think-Tank's apprentice, began the play by addressing him as the most powerful, intelligent creature in the universe and asking if he had any orders that needed to be carried out. Instead of being pleased with his assistant's praise, Think-Tank became furious and told Noodle that he did not greet him properly.
Think-Tank's ruling mindset is depicted in the lines above. His name, 'Think-Tank,' also suggests that he was a clever character. Let us see whether it's true or not in the subsequent sessions.
Noodle realised his error after hearing Think-Tank's angered words and addressed him as "Great and Mighty Think-Tank, Ruler of Mars and his two moons, most powerful and intellectual creature in the universe." He then requested orders from Think-Tank.
Think-Tank was pleased to hear Noodle's greeting and stated his wish to communicate with his crew members who were about to reach Earth, which he described as a ridiculous and tiny planet. He asked Noodle what the name of that planet was. Noodle then recognised Think-Tank was referring to 'Earth' and told him so.
It has now been shown that Mars was ruled over by Think-Tank in the twenty-fifth century. And that, as a powerful person, he sought to extend his authority by conquering alien planets.
Meaning of difficult words:
PeevishEasily annoyed
Space probeAn unmanned device sent to space to explore and gather scientific information
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