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     Well, you know, the invasion never really happened, because a single book stopped it. What was the book, you ask? A noble encyclopedia? A tome about rockets and missiles? A secret file from outer space? No, it was none of those. It was — but here, let me turn on the historiscope and show you what happened many centuries ago, in 2040. (She turns on the projector, and points it left. Spotlight on Historian goes out and comes up down left on Think-Tank, who is seated on a raised box, arms folded. He has a huge, egg-shaped head, and he wears a long robe decorated with stars and circles. Apprentice Noodle stands beside him at an elaborate switchboard. A sign on an easel reads:
(Bow low before entering)
The historian went on to say that it was unfortunate that the children of the historian's period were unaware of the alien attack or the name of the book that saved the Earth. Is it because it wasn't a very noteworthy or important book, such as an encyclopedia, a book about rockets and missiles, or a secret space file?
She then switched on the projector, which she referred to as a historiscope, attempting to engage the audience with the show. The stage show had then begun.
The spotlight was shifted to Think-Tank, a character from the drama. He was a Martian Alien who was seated on a box with his arms folded. The alien, in contrast to the people on Earth, had a large egg-shaped head and was dressed in a robe with stars and circles on it. Noodle, his trainee, was standing next to him. There was also a wooden frame with some words on it.
Meaning of difficult words:
EncyclopediaA book or set of books that gives information on many subjects
Missile A tube-shaped weapon that travels long distances and explodes
Apprentice A person who works under a skilled person in order to gain experience
Easel A wooden frame that supports a picture
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