NOODLE: Sir, sir. Great and Mighty Think-Tank. I beg your pardon, but an insignificant bit of data floated into my mind about those sandwiches.
THINK-TANK: It can’t be worth much, but go ahead. Give us your trifling bit of data.
NOODLE: Well, sir, I have seen surveyor films of those sandwiches. I noticed that the Earthlings did not eat them. They used them as some sort of communication device.
THINK-TANK: (haughtily) Naturally. That was my next point. These are actually communication sandwiches. Think-Tank is never wrong. Who is never wrong?
Noodle, who was listening to whatever was going on in the library from the spacecraft, interrupted Think-Tank and the crew members. He then told Think-Tank that he had something to convey, to which Think-Tank agreed. Then, Noodle began by explaining that he wanted to provide some information regarding the sandwiches as he was trying to convey to Think-Tank that, based on his (Noodle's) research, Earthlings did not consume the sandwiches (books), but rather used them as a method of communication.
After listening to Noodle, Think-Tank stated that he was about to make the same point, as he, too, believed the weird object (book) was a communication sandwich. Having said that, he proudly claimed that he was never wrong. He also posed the question, "Who is never wrong?" to Noodle and others.
Meaning of difficult words:
HaughtilyIn a way showing proud and superior attitude
Surveyor A person who investigates or examines something
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