ALL: (saluting) Great and Mighty Think-Tank is never wrong.
THINK-TANK: Therefore, I order you to listen to them.
OMEGA: Listen to them?
IOTA AND OOP: (to each other, puzzled) Listen to them?
THINK-TANK: Do you have marbles in your ears? I said, listen to them. (Martians bow very low.)
OMEGA: It shall be done, sir. (They each take two books from the case, and hold them to their ears, listening intently.)
IOTA: (whispering to Omega) Do you hear anything?
OMEGA: (whispering back) Nothing. Do you hear anything, Oop?
On hearing Think-Tank's words, "Who is never wrong?", Noodle and the crew members immediately stated that Think-Tank was never wrong. Think-Tank then ordered his crew to listen to the books, but the crew members had no idea what they were supposed to listen to. They did not carry out his command as they were confused. Think-Tank ordered the crew to listen to the books once more, and the crew obeyed. However, no one on the team heard any from the sandwich (book). Thus, they checked among themselves to confirm if anyone had heard anything about it. They all admitted to not hearing anything.
Meaning of difficult words:
WhisperTo speak in a soft, low voice
IntentlyIn a way that shows great attention to something
BowTo move your head and body forward as a way of showing respect to someone or something
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