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     OOP: (loudly) Not a thing! (Omega and Iota jump in fright.)
OMEGA AND IOTA: Sh-h-h! (They listen intently again.)
THINK-TANK: Well? Well? Report to me. What do you hear?
OMEGA: Nothing, sir. Perhaps we are not on the correct frequency.
IOTA: Nothing, sir. Perhaps the Earthlings have sharper ears than we do.
OOP: I don’t hear a thing. Maybe these sandwiches don’t make sounds.
THINK-TANK: What? Does somebody suggest the Mighty Think-Tank has made a mistake
OMEGA: Oh, no, sir; no, sir. We’ll keep listening.
Omega and Iota warned Sergeant Oop to keep quiet after he loudly said that he had not heard anything from the sandwich (book) during the crew members' conversation. The three listened to the book again to ensure they didn't miss anything. Think-Tank had interrupted them at that point and demanded to know if they could not listen to anything from the sandwich (book).
Omega suggested Think-Tank that they were not on the exact frequency (sound waves) to hear things from the sandwich (book). Second, Iota informed Think-Tank that they couldn't hear anything because the Earthlings' ears were sharper. Finally, Oop stated that the crew members may not have heard anything from the sandwich (book) because sandwiches do not make sounds.
On listening to the crew members' replies, Think-Tank again asked them the question for the second time, "Does somebody suggest the Mighty Think-Tank has made a mistake?" which shows the proud, masterly, arrogant attitude of Think-Tank. As a result, the crew members replied to Think-Tank that their master was not wrong and that they would keep listening to the sandwich.
From the above dialogues, it's been very clear that Think-Tank refused to recognise any of his flaws and insisted on forcing his subordinates to listen to him, despite the fact that it was clearly idiotic.
Meaning of difficult words:
Perhaps Used to express uncertainty or impossibility about something
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