NOODLE: Please excuse me, your Brilliance, but a cloudy piece of information is twirling around in my head.

THINK-TANK: Well, twirl it out, Noodle, and I will clarify it for you.

NOODLE: I seem to recall that the Earthlings did not listen to the sandwiches; they opened them and watched them.

THINK-TANK: Yes, that is quite correct, I will clarify that for you, Captain Omega. Those sandwiches are not for ear communication, they are for eye communication. Now, Captain Omega, take that large, colourful sandwich over there. It appears to be important. Tell me what you observe.
     (Omega picks up a very large volume of Mother Goose, holding it so that the audience can see the title. Iota looks over her left shoulder, and Oop peers over her right shoulder.)
Noodle interjected again during Think-Tank's talk with his crew mates, this time to pass on yet another piece of information. He then told Think-Tank that a piece of knowledge about the sandwich (books) had gotten stuck in his head and that he needed to let it out so that Think-Tank could clear it for him. Noodle then reminded him that, as far as he recalled, Earthlings do not listen to sandwiches and instead like to watch them.
Noodle had a reputation for getting things right. Think-Tank agrees with Noodle and tells Omega that those sandwiches are for sight communication rather than ear communication. As a result, Omega was ordered to select a large piece of sandwich (book) by Think-Tank. "Mother Goose" was the title of that book. Think-Tank encouraged Omega to pick up that book because he thought it was essential and wanted Omega to share his comments about it. And so, Omega picked up the enormous, colourful sandwich (The Mother Goose book) in response to Think-Tank's order.
Omega kept holding the book 'Mother Goose' at a reasonable height from the stage so the audience could see the title clearly. On either side of Omega on the stage, Iota stood to her left and Oop stood to her right.
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