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     Loisel, already half undressed, asked, “What is the matter?”
     She turned towards him excitedly. “I have—I have—I no longer have Mme Forestier’s necklace.”
     He arose in dismay, “What! How is that? It is not possible.”
     And they looked in the folds of the dress, in the folds of the cloak, in the pockets, everywhere. They could not find it.
     He asked, “You are sure you still had it when we left the Minister’s house?”
Loisel changed out of his party attire halfway and started getting ready to sleep because he was already exhausted. At that time, he heard his wife screaming. Though he was exhausted and only partly asleep, he was shocked to hear her screaming. He soon asked for the reason for her cry, to which Matilda explained to him nervously that the diamond necklace she was wearing was missing.
He was shocked by her words, "I no longer have Mme Forestier’s necklace." And immediately, the couple started to check in their dress folds, cloak folds, pockets, etc. for the necklace, but they couldn't find it.
Then, Loisel asked Matilda if she remembered putting on the necklace when she left the Minister's house.
Meaning of difficult words:
DismayA feeling of shock or unhappiness
CloakOuter garment
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