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     Loisel detained her, “Wait,” he said. “I am going to call a cab.”
     But she would not listen and descended the steps rapidly. When they were in the street, they found no carriage, and they began to seek one, hailing the coachmen whom they saw at a distance.
     They walked along toward the river, hopeless and shivering. Finally, they found one of those old carriages that one sees in Paris after nightfall.
     It took them as far as their door, and they went wearily up to their apartment. It was all over for her. And on his part, he remembered that he would have to be at the office by 10 o’clock.
     She removed the wraps from her shoulders before the glass, for a final view of herself in her glory. Suddenly, she uttered a cry. Her necklace was not around her neck.
It might be due to the reason that he had drunk, Loisel did not want to walk. So, he prevented Matilda from leaving the ball and told her he would get a cab for her. But she did not want to wait as she was worried that a rich woman would notice her wearing one of the inexpensive coats. So, she urged him to leave the place and quickly descended the steps.
As they got on the street, they were looking for a carriage that could take them home, but they could not find one. Then they saw a coach at a distance and started calling. The coachmen did not stop. They kept walking together and finally found a carriage, the kind one finds in Paris after nightfall. And when the couple reached their apartment, they felt very tired. The party mood was over by then. Furthermore, Loisel was reminded that he needed to attend to his office the next day that he needed to be at \(10\) a.m.
Still, Matilda wanted to admire her look with her new party attire and the diamond necklace. So, she removed the wraps from her shoulders and looked in the mirror. Suddenly, she let out a loud cry. It was because the diamond necklace she was wearing was found to be missing.
Meaning of difficult words:
DetainTo stop somebody from leaving a place
Hail To call someone
ShiverTo Shake as a result of cold, fear, etc.
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