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     “But, my dearie, I thought it would make you happy. You hardly ever go out, so this is a wonderful opportunity! Everyone wishes one, and it is very select; not many are given to employees. You will see the whole official world there.”
     She looked at him with an irritated eye and declared impatiently, “What do you imagine I have to wear to such a thing as that?”
When Matilda's husband saw his wife's behaviour, he did not become enraged or offended. He took care not to aggravate the matter any further by gently informing her that his intention in calling her to join the party was to make her happy. He also stated that Matilda rarely attends parties and that he wished she could be at that one. In reality, only a small number of people were invited, and Matilda's family was one of them. He also mentioned that it would be a good opportunity for her to meet his entire office people there.
Matilda did not appear to be listening or convinced by her husband's words. In fact, listening to her husband made her even more angrier. The reason for Matilda's rage was unknown for a few minutes throughout their chat. It was only when she remarked,  "What do you suppose I have to wear to such a thing as that?" that it was disclosed. Things were starting to make sense to him. Matilda was enraged at being asked to such a lavish party because she lacked the appropriate party attire, jewellery, and other accessories.
Matilda's husband didn't even have any clue that his wife would be annoyed because of the dresses and jewels. In fact, it happens that women give much importance to their physical attire, jewels, make-up, etc. But men rarely consider all these to get ready for festivals, parties, celebrations etc. And the same thing happens with Matilda's family as well. Matilda's husband thought his wife would be happy to attend the party, whereas she was more concerned about her outfits. 
Meaning of difficult words:
DearieAn affectionate way of addressing someone
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