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     When she seated herself for dinner opposite her husband, he uncovered the tureen with a delighted air, saying, “Oh! the good potpie! I know nothing better than that…,” she would think of elegant dinners, of shining silver; she thought of the exquisite food served in marvellous dishes. She had neither frocks nor jewels, nothing. And she loved only those things.
     She had a wealthy friend, a schoolmate at the convent, who she did not like to visit—she suffered so much when she returned. She wept for whole days of despair and disappointment.
     One evening, her husband returned elated, bearing in his hand a large envelope.
Matilda did not like to have simple dinners prepared at home, unlike her husband, who always enjoyed the delights of homemade soups, potpies etc. Instead, she wanted to have lavish feasts presented on exquisite plates. The above sentences vividly demonstrate Matilda's and her husband's opposing viewpoints.
Matilda was obsessed with living a luxurious lifestyle and wanted to wear rich-looking dresses, jewels, and other accessories. And she loved only those things in her life. As a result, she avoided paying a visit to her convent schoolmate. Because Matilda wasn't as wealthy as her friend, she cried for several days after meeting her. After being married, Matilda hoped that at least some of her wishes would come true, but when her fantasy of a lavish lifestyle didn't happen as she had planned, her life took a wrong turn.
One evening, Matilda's husband came home happy and excited mood, with a large envelope in his hand.
Meaning of difficult words:
Potpie A pastry usually filled with vegetables and meat
Tureen A deep bowl with soup and vegetables inside
Elated Extremely happy and excited
Despair Refers to a hopeless state
WeepTo shed tears
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