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     Mme Forestier stopped short. She said, “You say that you bought a diamond necklace to replace mine?”
     “Yes, you did not perceive it then? They were just alike.”
     And she smiled with pride and simple joy. Mme Forestier was touched and took both her hands as she replied, “Oh! My poor Matilda! Mine were false. They were not worth over five hundred francs!”
Mme Forestier had no idea what had transpired because Matilda had returned the diamond necklace to her without telling her anything about the missing jewellery. But it wasn't until she heard Matilda talk that she realised the pain behind Matilda's return of a jewel was the same as Forestier's.
Mme Forestier inquired if Matilda had purchased a diamond necklace to replace her lost necklace, to which Matilda responded affirmatively. For a moment, Mme Forestier was taken aback. She was holding Matilda's hands in her arms at that time. She then informed Matilda that the necklace she had offered to her was not a real diamond necklace but a fake one, and that it was only worth \(500\ \)francs. Matilda was taken aback since she had to give up ten years of her life to repay the money she had borrowed to purchase the diamond necklace.
The story comes to a conclusion with a moral lesson. Never keep your problems hidden, but rather share them with at least your closest friends, and above all, never be greedy; be content with what you have.
Meaning of difficult words:
AlikeRefers to something similar or same
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