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     “Yes, I have had some hard days since I saw you; and some miserable ones—and all because of you ...”
     “Is it because of me? How is that?”
     “You recall the diamond necklace that you loaned me to wear to the Minister’s ball?”
     “Yes, very well.”
     “Well, I lost it.”
     “How is that, since you returned it to me?”
     “I returned another to you exactly like it. And it has taken us ten years to pay for it. You can understand that it was not easy for those of us who have nothing. But it is finished and I am decently content.”
Mme Loisel began to explain to Mme Forestier what transpired to her following their last meeting \(10\) years ago as a response to Mme Forestier's question. To begin with, Matilda told Forestier that 'it was all because of her'. Mme Forestier was perplexed and questioned Matilda as to how she was to be blamed for her misfortune.
Matilda informed Forestier of the loss of the diamond necklace that she had borrowed from the latter ten years ago. Forestier was baffled as to how Matilda had managed to return the necklace despite having lost it, because the necklace Matilda returned resembled the one Forestier had given her. Matilda then told her how she and her husband had piled on more debts in order to buy a new jewel that looked exactly like Mme Forestier's original diamond necklace. Matilda went on to explain how she and her husband struggled to repay their debt as a middle-class household. Matilda went on to say that their debt had been paid in full and that she was satisfied with that.
Meaning of difficult words:
ContentA state of satisfaction
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