“No more than is needed to help them to learn how to do things — simple spelling, adding, subtracting, multiplying and writing. The rest is done by reading to them and by interesting talks, during which they have to sit still and keep their hands quiet. There are practically no other lessons.”
     “The real aim of this school is not so much to teach thought as to teach thoughtfulness — kindness to others, and being responsible citizens. Look out of the window a minute, will you?”
     I went to the window which overlooked a large garden and a playground at the back. “What do you see?" Miss Beam asked.
Miss Beam responds to the narrator's question on the teaching method in this paragraph. As understood by the narrator, the method is indeed simple. In the words of Miss Beam, they teach things that are needed for the students. The main goal is to help the students learn how to do the fundamental things by themselves.
Only the essential subjects are taught
The school trains students in the fundamentals such as simple spelling, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and writing. The rest of the education is done through interesting lectures and reading sessions.
A teacher giving his students an interesting lecture
During the lesson, students are expected to do nothing but listen. This method is not only simple to the students; it is also very effective. It helps in improving the student's listening, observation, and application skills.

The real aim of the school, according to Miss Beam, is to teach thoughtfulness. The traditional schools would try to teach students the existing ideas, theories, or practices. But Miss Beam's school believes in teaching students thoughtfulness, that is, understanding the needs of other people. It teaches the students to become kind human beings and responsible citizens. This goal makes the school different from the other schools.
regular school (1).jpg
Regular schools where the students have so much to study

After describing the teaching methodology, Miss Beam asks the narrator to look out of the window. The narrator does as asked. The window faced the backyard of the school. It had a view of a large garden and a playground. She then asked him to describe what he could see.
Meanings of difficult words:
Sl. No.
RestBalance; what remains
TalksLecture; discussion
Keep their hands quietStudents are not expected to write anything
Almost; nearly; more or less
Teach thought Teaching usual subjects such as maths, science, literature, etc. Thought means ideas/ theories
Thoughtfulness Kindness and understanding. The ability to understand the feelings and the needs of the others
ResponsibleAware of their duties
OverlookHave a view of from above
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