A noun is a part of speech which refers to a person, place or thing, but it can also refer to an object, state, action or concept.
1. nurse
2. cat
3. party
4. oil
5. poverty
A verb is a part of speech which indicates action. It can either be used as a supporting verb or a linking verb.
1. talk
2. walk
3. read
4. run
5. wash
Some examples to find out the sentence with "Noun":
1. Read the entire contract before signing it.
2. She got a bad grade for poor conduct.
3. Patience is an essential attribute for a teacher.
Some examples to find out the sentence with "Verb":
1. We need to produce a lot of evidence at the trial in order to make our case.
2. The dentist wants to extract my tooth.
3. It’s important to battle against poverty.
Nouns & verbs from the lesson "A Game of Chance":
1. I went to the fair on its last day.
    Noun - fair, last
    Verb - went
2. The place was crowded at the fair.
    Noun - fair, place
    Verb - was, crowded
3. He instructed Rasheed not to buy anything from the shops.
    Noun - Rasheed 
    Verb - instructed, buy
4. The boy hoped to be a winner at his last attempt.
    Noun - boy, last
    Verb - hoped
5. The shopkeeper put up a good drama show.
    Noun - shopkeeper
    Verb - put up
6. He deserves a pat from his uncle.
    Noun - pat, uncle
    Verb - deserves
7. The customer got a gift from the shopkeeper.
    Noun - customer, gift, shopkeeper
    Verb - got
8. The boy won four prizes.
     Noun - boy, prizes
     Verb - won
9. An old man won a clock and sold it back to the shopkeeper.
    Noun - old man, clock, shopkeeper
    Verb - won, sold
10. Rasheed was tempted to try his luck.
      Noun - Rasheed, luck
      Verb - was, tempted, try
11. The shopkeeper was cheating.
      Noun - shopkeeper
      Verb - was, cheating
12. Uncle took me to the fair.
      Noun - Uncle, me, fair
      Verb - took