phrase is a group of words that are together as a single unit, as part of a clause or a sentence.
A phrase does not contain a subject and verb and, so it cannot make a complete sentence. A phrase is not like a clause. A clause does contain a subject and a verb, and it can make a complete sentence.
1. As soon as you got in, he went out.
(As soon as is a conjunctional phrase.)

2. Popcorn popping, the dog was ready for the film.
Popcorn popping” modifies the clause “the dog was ready for the film.”

3. The entire rugby team, their uniforms muddy and stained, shouted in joy.
Phrases from the lesson "A Game of Chance":
1. A fair every year on the occasion of Eid in Rasheed's village.
2. The first attempt I took a chance I got two pencils.
3. Uncle told me that the shopkeeper had made a fool of me.
4. The shopkeepers came to the village with all kinds of goods to sell.
5. Rasheed's uncle told me not to go far away in his absence.
6. The shopkeeper of the Lucky Shop wanted everyone present to try their luck.
7. The shopkeeper offered him one last attempt.
8. Rasheed worried about his misfortune.
9. His uncle reached there and found him upset.
10. Rasheed's uncle didn’t show any negative emotions towards the issue.
11. The shopkeeper was making money by cheating.
12. Rasheed got an object with a little value.