Taro saw a beautiful little waterfall hidden behind a rock. Kneeling at a place where the water flowed quietly, he cupped a little in his hands and put it to his lips. Was it water? Or was it saké? He tasted it again and again, and always it was the delicious sake instead of cold water.

     Taro quickly filled the pitcher he had with him and hurried home. The old man was delighted with the saké. After only one swallow of the liquid he stopped shivering and did a little dance in the middle of the floor.
Taro reached the spot. There he saw a beautiful little waterfall hidden behind a rock.
Waterfall, hidden behind a rock
He was happy as he had found some water to satisfy his thirst. He knelt down beside it. He filled some water in the cup of his hands and started sipping it.
Collecting water in the cup of hands
There it was surprise! The water tasted like delicious sakéHe tasted it again and again, but every time it was the sake and not the water.
Taro thought about his father and his wish to have a cup of saké. He quickly took out his pitcher (water container) and filled it with the saké.
He hurried home to give it to his father. The father became very happy when he saw the saké his son had brought. He drank a cup, and the magic happened! The father stopped shivering and jumped onto the floor and danced. He became warm and healthy.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Sl. No.
KneelingSitting down on our knees. 
FlowSteady movement.
Cupped a little in his hands
Took some water in his hands (as if in a cup).
DeliciousVery tasty.
PitcherJug; container;  a pot usually made of mud.
DelightedVery happy.
Swallow Drink or eat.
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