That afternoon, a neighbour stopped by for a visit. Taro’s father politely offered her a cup of the saké. The lady drank it greedily, and thanked the old man. Then Taro told her the story of the magic waterfall. Thanking them for the delicious drink, she left in a hurry. By nightfall she had spread the story throughout the whole village.
     That evening there was a long procession of visitors to the woodcutter’s house. Each man heard the story of the waterfall, and took a sip of the saké. In less than an hour the pitcher was empty.
During the afternoon, a lady from the neighbourhood visited Taro's house.
japanese female.png
A picture of a Japanese lady
Taro's father gave a cup of the magic saké to the lady. She drank it greedily and thanked the father for giving her such a delicious drink.
Lady holding a cup of sake
Then, Taro told her about the magic waterfall. After listening to the story, the lady thanked them and left in a hurry. She then told the people of the village about the delicious saké and the magic waterfalls.
By the end of the day, the entire village knew about the story, and everyone paid a visit to Taro's house. They came to taste the saké and hear the story of the waterfall. Soon, the saké container became empty.
japanese ppl.jpg
Villagers marching towards Taro's house.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Sl. No.
PolitelyIn a respectful manner.
GreedilyAs if desiring more and more.
Do something more quickly.
Nightfall Late in the evening; sunset.
Long Procession Long line of people; a number of people moving forward in an orderly fashion.
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