The lesson "Who I am", contains the aspirations, likes, dislikes of six children, namely Radha, Nasir, Rohit, Serbjit, Dolma, and Peter. Radha likes climbing trees, especially the mango tree that is outside her house. The tree has wide branches and Radha can sit comfortably on its branch. Radha's mother scolds her, as she believes it is wrong for girls to climb trees. But one day she wants to see how it feels herself and climbs along with Radha. They both have fun, as they spend time together and eat the raw mangoes from the tree. Radha loves being on top of the tree, as it gives a view from above, making her feel as though she is on top of the world.
Nasir wants to become a seed collector, as he wants to help his father with his cotton field, by preserving seeds to grow cotton. In his grandfather's times, they used to take seeds from their own plantation. But the yield is less now and they do not get enough seeds. So Nasir decides to collect seeds for the generations to come.
Rohit wants to travel if he has enough money. He wants to see the mountains of New Zealand and the Amazon river of South America. He also wants to visit the corals of Lakshadweep. He is more interested in nature and old cities and therefore wants to travel to the city of Beijing in China, the Konark temple of Orissa, and the Egyptian Pyramids.
Serbjit shares his problem, with people not believing him. His teacher thinks he is lying when he says he could not do his homework because his friend Ravi borrowed his book. He also gets angry when his parents do not believe that his brother starts the fight with him.
Dolma wants to become the Prime Minister of India and serve the Nation by building hospitals, schools and roads. She also would take steps to encourage the scientists to make new inventions and launch spaceships. She practices leadership skills in school, to achieve her dream.
Peter talks about the favourite day of the month, which is Sunday. On this day, he goes to the cinema along with his family. His father books tickets in advance. They take a bus to the cinema hall. Peter loves to eat the peanuts his father buys for him, as he watches the movie. After the movie, they all eat ice creams and are in a happy mood.