The lesson "Who I am", contains the aspirations, likes, dislikes of six children, namely Radha, Nasir, Rohit, Serbjit, Dolma, and Peter.
Radha describes her love for climbing in paragraph 1. She mentions it as her favourite activity. She has a mango tree outside her house. Mango trees have widespread branches, which gives her space to sit comfortably on top. It is easy for her to climb it. Her mother initially does not want her to climb trees, as she feels that climbing is not meant for girls. But one day, she too gets attracted by the activity and climbs the tree with Radha. They have fun together while eating raw mangoes. Radha loves climbing trees because it makes her feel as though she is on top of the world.
Mother and child having fun near a tree  
The next narration comes from Nasir, in Paragraph 2. Nasir wants to become a seed collector. His father has a cotton field and is struggling to get seeds every year. In his grandfather's times, They could collect seeds from the plants in their own field. But due to less seeds, they are not able to do so at present. Nasir wants to save and collect seeds so that he could help his father in the future.
The next child Rohit, wants to travel around the world if he had money. He wants to witness the beauty of the mountains of New Zealand, as he came across a picture of it in a magazine. New Zealand is a mountainous country. Around \(60\)% of the country is covered with mountains. He then wants to travel in a raft in the Amazon River, in South America. It is disputed to be the longest river in the world, along with the Nile.
Raft on a river
He then wants to live in the islands of Lakshwadeep and dive down the ocean to watch the corals. Lakshwadeep is a group of \(36\) islands and is India's union territory. Rohit also likes antique places and relics, as he wants to visit the ancient temple of Konark, also known as the Sun temple, which is located in Orissa. He dreams of visiting the city of Beijing, the capital of China and the Egyptian pyramids, which is considered to be one of the wonders of the world. Rohit wants to be one with nature and is least interested in man made things.
Egyptian Pyramids
The narration of Serbjit deals with his dislike for people not believing him. He gives examples of his teacher not believing him, when he says he did not do the homework because his friend Ravi had borrowed his notebook. When he gets a bad score in the test and says he had studied for it, the teacher thinks he is lying. In his home, his parents also do not believe him when he says it was his brother who had started the fight. All this angers him and he has to look down at his shoes and count till ten, to make his anger go away.
Teacher scolding student
Dolma wants to become the Prime Minister of India in spite of her friends laughing at her. She has the qualities needed for the role as she has good decision making skills, and everyone asks her what to do when there is a problem. Even her teacher trusts her with difficult things. Dolma wants to build good roads, hospitals and schools for the people. She wants to encourage scientists to invent new medicines and send spaceships to Mars.
mark designers
*Abdul Kalam - Scientist
Peter talks about the favourite day of the month, which is Sunday. On this day, he goes to the cinema along with his family. His father books tickets in advance. They take a bus to the cinema hall. Peter loves to eat the peanuts his father buys for him, as he watches the movie. After the movie, they all eat ice creams and are in a happy mood.
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Happy family