When I grow up, I am going to be the Prime Minister of India. People always laugh when I say that, but I am sure that I will do it. Everyone in my class asks me what to do when they have a problem, and my teacher always trusts me when something needs to be done in school. I want to make things better for everyone. I want us to have good hospitals and roads and schools. I want to make sure that there are many good scientists in India who will invent cures for diseases and send a spaceship to Mars.
Dolma has high aspirations. She wishes to become the Prime Minister of India. Although people laugh at her dream, because they think it is not easily achievable, Dolma does not lose hope.
Child with dreams
Dolma knows that being a Prime Minister holds a lot of responsibility and decision making skills involved. So she displays this leadership skills in her own class, and helps her friends and teachers in taking decisions. She wants to become a Prime Minister, as she wants to make India a better country, with good roads. She wants to add better facilities for the citizens, like good schools and hospitals.
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Modern Hospitals
Dolma also wants to encourage scientists to invent new cures for deadly disease, to protect people and have a healthy nation. Apart from that, she wants to take the initiative to launch spaceships to Mars, which will make India proud globally.
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Rocket launch
Dolma is so passionate about her dream that she puts all her effort to make it come true.
Words with difficult meaning:
Prime Minister
Leader of a country, head of the cabinet, a group of ministers, across various departments
A person who invents new ideas, objects. Studies and explores science
A vehicle that carries people to space
Fourth planet, also called Sun planet
Dream, hoping to achieve
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