What makes me very angry is when people don’t believe me when I am telling the truth. For example, if I tell my teacher that I couldn’t do my homework because Ravi borrowed my book and forgot to return it. Or I tell my parents that it wasn’t me but my little brother who started the fight. Or if I tell my teacher that I really did study for the test even if I have got bad marks. They all look at me as if they think I am telling lies. The look on their faces really angers me. Sometimes I have to look down at my shoes and count to ten so that I do not show that I am angry.
Serbjit talks about his experiences with people who do not believe him and how he feels when it happens. He gives examples from his daily life. He gets angry when his teacher thinks he is lying when he tells her the reason for not doing the homework. She does not believe that Ravi took his notebook and forgot to return it.
Teacher scolding a student
He faces the same problem in his own house. His parents do not believe him when he says that his brother started the fight. He does not like to be blamed for something he did not do.
Brothers fighting
When he gets low marks in the test, he tells the teacher that in spite of studying hard, he scored low. He himself does not understand the reason. But what angers him the most is that instead of believing and guiding him to score well in the next test, the teacher thinks he is lying. He constantly faces this situation and feels angry at people blaming him for something that is not his fault. But he controls his anger by following the technique of looking down at his shoes and counting to ten. This helps him to cool down as he takes time to relax and not react immediately.
Child looking down at his feet
Words with difficult meanings:
Work that is given to do at home, for extra practice
Something that is given or taken, with the intention of giving back
To think the other person is responsible for mistake
To do or say something, as a result of something happening
To help a person, towards a destination or success
Responsible for a mistake
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