Multiple intelligence is a theory first put forth by an American psychologist named Howard Gardner in \(1983\). A psychologist is a person who studies about the human mind, emotions and behaviours. He said that every human being is unique and has different talents. Each one has a unique ability to understand information and apply it in their lives. Different people are intelligent in different ways.
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Multiple intelligence
1. Visual Intelligence:
People with visual intelligence have the ability to visualize, to think in pictures or images. They remember everything, the way they saw it with their eyes. They enjoy watching movies, pictures, Maps, Charts. They can become a navigator, sculptor, artist, inventor, architect, interior designer, painter.
2. Verbal Intelligence:
People with verbal intelligence are good at speaking. They like to think in words. They are good at giving speech, story telling, listening, explaining, teaching, using humour, understanding the meaning of words, remembering information, convincing. They can become a poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, translator.
3. Mathematical Intelligence:
People with Mathematical intelligence like to use numbers and logic. They ask a lot of questions related to the world. They are good at problem solving puzzles, experimenting, questioning, doing calculations, working with geometric shapes. They can become a scientist, engineer, computer programmer, researcher, accountant, mathematician.
4. Bodily Intelligence:
Bodily intelligence is also called Kinesthetic intelligence. People with this intelligence, express emotions through their body. They have a good balance. They can become a dancer, athlete, physical education teacher, actor, firefighter, craftsperson.
5. Musical Intelligence:
People with Musical intelligence, appreciate, criticize and enjoy the rhythms and sound patterns of music. They are good at whistling, singing, composing and understanding music. They can choose professions like musician, disc jockey, singer, composer.
6. Interpersonal Intelligence:
People with interpersonal intelligence, understand other people's feelings and see things from their perspective. They manage and organize things while solving problems. They can become counsellor, salesperson, politician, business person, teacher.
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