1. Accepting the differences:
The lesson "Who I am" revolves around the fact that people are different from each other. The differences must be celebrated and accepted in the society. We cannot expect everyone to be similar to us. Each one's dreams, aspirations, likes and dislikes are different. We cannot blame or judge another person for who they are. Like the fingers in our hand, each person is unique and special.
Each one is different
2. Equality:
The lesson shows that one must not differentiate between boys and girls. Dreams are common for both. Radha's favourite activity is climbing trees. Although her mother feels it is wrong for girls to climb trees, she later realizes her mistake, and joins her. Similarly, Dolma wants to become the Prime Minister, proving that dreams do not have any limitations.
3. Determination and faith:
The lesson shows that one must always aim high and not lose hope. Dolma does not lose hope when her friends laugh at her. Instead, she makes them ask her help in times of trouble. Radha also continues with her favourite activity. Rather than arguing with her mother, she slowly makes her understand and has fun with her. Serbjit gets angry when people do not believe him, but he is determined to control his anger all by himself, by counting to \(10\). Rohit is confident that he would travel to all his favourite places one day. He gives value to nature more than man made things.
4. Love and bond for family:
Peter's story talks about the importance of family. Peter loves the second Sunday, not only because of the cinema but also because of the family get together. Every family member is happy, and Peter feels that he is lucky to have such a warm family.
Happy family