The story 'A Strange Wrestling Match' is about a wrestler named Vijay Singh. Vijay Singh likes to boast things. This habit landed him in trouble once. He openly challenged in front of his village, that he had the guts to meet a ghost and fight with it.

As a result, he travelled to a haunted desert and encountered the ghost. Fortunately, an old woman gave him an egg and lump of salt when he started his journey. Vijay Singh used it as a key to cheat the ghost. He made the ghost believe Vijay Singh is much stronger than the ghost; and, than any person, the ghost met in its life.

When the ghost believed Vijay Singh's power, it felt no one could defeat him. It then planned to kill Vijay Singh through a trick. So, the ghost invited Vijay Singh to spend a night in its place. Vijay Singh accepted the ghost's request with a demand to make it as his prisoner the next day.

When Vijay Singh stayed in its place, he set up his bed with bolsters and closed it with a bedspread, to make it look like a sleeping man. The foolish ghost attempted to kill Vijay Singh by beating him seven times with a club.

After some time, when the ghost noticed Vijay Singh sitting on the bed alive, it was shocked. Vijay Singh informed the ghost that he had seven flappings on an insect's wings, which refers to the ghost's seven blows. The ghost finally ran away from its place, leaving the looted things behind.

Vijay Singh distributed much of the looted wealth to its owners. He also married the old woman's granddaughter in return for her timely help. From then, Vijay Singh became cautious and never used to boast things.