The story "A Strange Wrestling Match" is about a wrestler named Vijay Singh who had a well-built body. He looked very tall. He was a well-built person who has quite a big body and quite large muscles, making him almost look like a giant. People from Vijay Singh's place praised him as a born wrestler. They even exaggerated his power by saying he can beat any wrestler in this world.
Vijay Singh.jpg
Vijay Singh
Though he was a powerful wrestler, he had a weakness that often made him helpless in difficult situations. He likes boasting and so praises his skills, as, he wants to do that. Boasting was his only weakness that lands him in trouble.

One day, he was sitting in the market-place surrounded by many young men. As usual, he drank glasses of milk. After drinking many milk glasses, he suddenly started to announce something to the people who had gathered in that market-place. He began to talk about the reason behind the fear of ghost, and he informed the crowd that he doesn't understand why people are scared of ghosts. He openly declared in the public that he is not afraid of ghosts. And, if he happens to meet a strong spirit, he will teach the ghost a lesson.
Vijay Singh's challenge.jpg
Vijay Singh's challenge
At the same time, they were scared. One person from the crowd shared his opinion that Vijay Singh could meet a spirit if he walks alone through a haunted desert at night. It is because the ghosts roam there freely.

One could hear strange sounds and crying voices of the ghosts throughout that isolated place. Things had been stolen from the travellers and were killed in and around that place. After describing that isolated desert, Vijay Singh was asked if he still prefer to visit that place?. His powerful heart missed a beat or two after listening to such a description about the ghost's work. Vijay Singh, as usual, fell into trouble on his own. Still, he did not want to withdraw his challenge. He replied calmly and relaxed, saying the haunted desert's stories are a mere fairy tale.
One of Vijay Singh's fans did not accept Vijay Singh's statement. He informed him that the facts about the haunted desert were true. Vijay Singh was then given a description about that deserted place. His fan informed him that the isolated desert lies ten miles to the west on the road to Jaisalmer. An ugly black rock that looks like the head of a camel is a landmark to that place.
The isolated desert.jpg
The isolated desert
Apart from that, there was nothing more to describe that place. The particular location is full of sand, emptiness, and ghosts.
Vijay Singh started his journey towards the isolated desert. The entire village gathered near him to bid farewell. When Vijay Singh was about to start his journey towards the isolated desert, an old woman gifted him a small packet. Vijay Singh accepted the gift and started his journey towards the west during the sunset.
Hours went by. The night became very deep. The moon was bright, and the stars shone clearly in the Rajasthan sky. When Vijay Singh was about to reach the isolated desert, he was reminded of the old woman’s packet. He was curious to know about the thing inside. Vijay Singh opened it and found nothing but a lump of salt and an egg. The old woman is known for her strange, abnormal behaviour in her village.

Vijay Singh, at last, reached the Haunted Desert. As Vijay Singh stepped into the Haunted Desert, he heard a voice. The voice called his name, "Vijay Singh, Vijay Singh!"; It told him that he would get lost in the desert and instructed to come on its way. The voice also introduced him as his friend 'Natwar'.
On hearing the voice, Vijay Singh concluded that it was not his friend but a ghost. Though he realised it was the ghost's voice, he was not scared. He called back the ghost in his brave voice as, “Where are you, my dear Natwar? It’s dark and I cannot see you. Come here and show me the way.” As a wrestler, he wanted to see the size and check the capacity of his enemy.
The ghost responded to the call of Vijay Singh by appearing near him.
The ghost.jpg
The ghost
Vijay Singh looked at the ghost's face and replied that it was just a plain, lying ghost. Having met the ghost early, Vijay Singh felt that it saved his time searching for the ghost. Its because he was longing to meet the ghost and so came to this place.

The ghost had usually seen people who was scared of it. It never saw such a bold person who spoke to him with courage. People would have even fainted in fear. Moreover, the ghost was never insulted like this before and was surprised to see a first-person conversing with it boldly. The ghost felt Vijay Singh was such an unfeeling creature, for, he wanted to meet a ghost instead of being scared like others. So, the ghost couldn't understand anything.

The ghost directly inquired the same to Vijay Singh as, why he wanted to see the ghost. Vijay Singh continued to insult the ghost. He replied in a dull voice. He claimed it to be a stupid ghost, as, it couldn't read his thoughts. The ghost didn't even know the reason for his desire to meet a ghost. So, Vijay Singh insulted it to be worthless ghost which do not possess the essential quality of a ghost.

Vijay Singh continued to explain the ghost, the reason behind his arrival. He informed the ghost that he was tired of wrestling with men and so came searching for a powerful ghost to fight.
The ghost couldn't reply anything. It remained speechless. The ghost somehow gathered its ghostly intelligence and took an attempt to disrespect Vijay Singh's words. It tried to insult him back, stating Vijay Singh doesn't appear to be a strong person for it.
The irritated ghost.jpg
The irritated ghost

Vijay Singh had not accepted the ghost' words. He also informed the ghost that one could not estimate a person by looking at his/her outward look as it will cheat without revealing the truth. He gave an example of the ghost itself and informed it that though the ghost claimed itself to be Natwar, he was the idiotic ghost, in reality. Moreover, if the ghost had a doubt on Vijay Singh's power and wanted to check it, Vijay Singh was ready to demonstrate.
Vijay Singh had an idea. He decided to play a trick with the ghost. He wanted to prove that the ghost was inefficient and weak. He then picked up a piece of rock from the sand below. He gave it to the ghost asked it to squeeze it hard. He informed the ghost that it was been filled with fluid. The ghost trusted him. It tried hard to press and squeeze the rock, but it couldn't. After all, it was a real rock. And during this time, when the ghost was busy handling the rock, Vijay Singh took out the egg given by the old woman. He did it without the ghost's notice.
Then, Vijay Singh pulled away the stone from the ghost. He kept it in between his hands and squeezed it. And, as expected, yellow yolk oozed out from his hands. The crackling sound created an illusion of a stone being crushed by Vijay Singh.
Vijay Singh's power.jpg
Vijay Singh's power
The ghost was amazed. It was surprised and shocked to see him breaking such a hard stone, without knowing its an egg.
Vijay Singh then bent down to dispose of the egg-shell carefully without the ghost's notice. It was so dark that the ghost thought that Vijay Singh had bent down to clean his hands. It didn't notice him hiding the egg-shells in the sand.
Vijay Singh hadn't stopped but had switched on to another plan. He took another piece of rock and gave it to the ghost for the second time. The ghost took it, felt it, and was deeply looking into it. Again, Vijay Singh planned to cheat the ghost. He made the ghost engaged in examining the stone; and while it was doing so, he took the lump of salt from his pocket.
The ghost had not accepted but disagreed with Vijay's Singh' words. The ghost had already been cheated by Vijay Singh with the first stone when Vijay Singh claimed to have broken an eggshell. It never wanted to compromise the next time. It just gave an excuse saying that it wouldn't be able to see anything since it was too dark. Vijay Singh was amazed by the words of the ghost.

Vijay Singh made a sarcastic remark saying he never heard of a ghost who couldn't see in the dark. While Vijay Singh was ready with the lump of salt in his hands, he claimed the stone the ghost possessed to be containing salt. He challenged the ghost to break it. The ghost tried to break the stone but ended up in failure in his second attempt as well. So, it handed it over to Vijay Singh again. The ghost has started to doubt its ghostly powers. Vijay Singh confused the ghost again.

Vijay Singh started to comment on the ghost and its powers most disrespectfully. He also explained the fact that fighting against an unworthy opponent like this ghost is useless for him. Moreover, Vijay Singh also informed the ghost that it would hardly take a minute to defend a weak opponent like the ghost for him. On explaining these facts, he pretended to have crushed the stone into salt powder. Vijay Singh dropped the stone in the sand trickily. He also shared the powdered salt and ordered the ghost to taste it.
The ghost was amazed and attracted towards the exceptional strength of Vijay Singh. Vijay Singh looked like an abnormal person and special for the ghost. All these days, it had seen only the average human beings.  Suddenly, a plan strikes the ghost's mind. Realising Vijay Singh's strength, the ghost concluded that his enemy could not defeat Vijay Singh through fight. Instead, he can be cheated and won in a tricky way.

The ghost had a plan in its mind to cheat Vijay Singh to win him. Though the ghost spoke to him in a much pleasing manner, he had a plan in its mind. It conveyed that it was an honour for the ghost to meet such a strong person like Vijay Singh. It openly admitted to have been defeated by him. The ghost trickily spoke to Vijay Singh demanding a night's stay in its place. It told him that Vijay Singh could leave the next morning after having rest in its place since it was the night time.

Vijay Singh felt proud of his achievement. He then informed the ghost that he was pleased with the ghost's hospitality. Still, he raised a demand to accept the ghost's invitation. The demand was Vijay Singh wanted the ghost to be his prisoner the next day. Vijay Singh also gave the reason behind his demand. Its because he wanted to prove to people that he had done something unusual.

The ghost had not refused but accepted Vijay Singh's demand. Though it accepted Vijay Singh's demand, inwardly it promised itself to kill him during his night stay in the ghost's place. He took him along to its house inside the cave.
The haunted house .jpg
The haunted house
The ghost took Vijay Singh to its haunted house. It treated Vijay Singh well. It gave him dry fruits and a lot of milk to have. It later gave him an expensive bed of superior quality to sleep. Pillows and bolsters entirely covered the bed.
Though Vijay Singh was given such an expensive bed, Vijay Singh did not sleep the whole night. He was brilliant enough to sketch out the plan of the ghost. The ghost kept snoring the entire night, and Vijay Singh was listening to it. And during the midnight, Vijay Singh left his bed. He filled his bed with bolsters in the middle, and he set that as a sleeping person by closing it with a bedspread. After having done this, Vijay Singh hid himself in a dark corner. He started to observe things around him silently.

As expected, just before the dawn, the ghost came near Vijay Singh's bed with a stout club. It thought that Vijay Singh was lying on his bed. He slowly moved the Stout club near the bed, thinking it was his head and strikes on that place. It felt to itself that it had killed its enemy. The ghost was happy with a broad smile to have killed his enemy without even a small noise.
The ghost, though happy and satisfied in having killed Vijay Singh, had a doubt. It doubted whether it had killed him ultimately. To be on a safer side, it struck the bolster repeatedly for six times, thinking it was Vijay Singh. The ghost was then satisfied with its work. It happily went back to its bed and slept, covering its head. After then, Vijay Singh slowly moved back to his place without being noticed by the ghost. After some time, he pretended to make a sound of disgust. He then removed the bedspread on his face and sat on the bed.

The ghost was disturbed by this unexpected, strange noise. It peeped through the bedspread to see where the noise came from. It then noticed Vijay Singh stretching his arms above his head and yawning. The ghost was shocked to see Vijay Singh alive and was frozen for a while. Vijay Singh started to talk around this time. He complained to the ghost saying, "Friend ghost, there are insects in your cave".
Vijay Singh continued to speak. He told the ghost that he had the best sleep in its cave, of all the years in his life. Still, there was an insect around in the cave which troubled him while Vijay Singh was sleeping. He then made a point that he was able to notice seven flappings of its wings. Though it did not bite him, he felt it to be disturbing.
The ghost was scared and shocked to hear such an unexpected answer from Vijay Singh. It did not understood how Vijay Singh had escaped from the seven heavy blows of the ghost. Those heavy blows could have smashed any person into pieces. It was amazed and scared by the extraordinary strength of Vijay Singh.
The Frightened ghost.jpg
The Frightened ghost
The ghost felt highly insecure being near him and so ran away from the cave. It left all the looted things in its cave.
Vijay Singh proved his intelligence besides being a wrestler. Though he was a powerful wrestler, he weakened the ghost psychologically and won it wisely. He brilliantly tackled the ghost, unlike others. At last, when he won the challenge and restored all the looted things of village people.
It took several camels from the village to carry the looted items back. Vijay Singh handed over much of the stolen items to the rightful owners. He then met the old woman who gave him the egg and salt's lump during his journey. He thanked her for the invaluable gift, which saved his life. And then, married the old woman's granddaughter in return for her help.

From then, Vijay Singh was cautious with his words. He never boast highly about himself. And, most importantly, no other traveller was harmed or killed by anyone in that haunted desert.

Though Vijay Singh's boasting habit landed himself in trouble, he tackled it successfully with his knowledge. Vijay Singh' efforts not only saved himself but protected people from the ghost, especially travellers after then.