However, just to make doubly sure, he struck the bolster six times more. Satisfied with his work, he returned to his couch, and covering his head, settled down to sleep again. Meanwhile, Vijay Singh crept silently back into bed. After a pause, he groaned, as if in disgust, threw back his coverlet,and sat up.
     Disturbed by the noise, the ghost peeped from under his bedclothes to see the strong man stretching his arms above his head and yawning. For a moment the ghost turned rigid with shock. “Friend ghost, there are insects in your cave,” said Vijay Singh in a complaining voice. “Here I was, enjoying the sweetest sleep I’ve had in years, and there comes this insect to trouble me. I distinctly counted seven flappings of its wings. Of course, it has not bitten me, but it’s most annoying.” The ghost panicked. Those seven blows would have reduced any other man to pulp. ‘There is no safety near a formidable wrestler like this,’ he thought and fled from the cave leaving behind all his ill-gotten wealth.
The ghost, though happy and satisfied in having killed Vijay Singh, had a doubt. It doubted whether it had killed him ultimately. To be on a safer side, it struck the bolster repeatedly for six times, thinking it was Vijay Singh. The ghost was then satisfied with its work. It happily went back to its bed and slept, covering its head. After then, Vijay Singh slowly moved back to his place without being noticed by the ghost. After some time, he pretended to make a sound of disgust. He then removed the bedspread on his face and sat on the bed.

The ghost was disturbed by this unexpected, strange noise. It peeped through the bedspread to see where the noise came from. It then noticed Vijay Singh stretching his arms above his head and yawning. The ghost was shocked to see Vijay Singh alive and was frozen for a while. Vijay Singh started to talk around this time. He complained to the ghost saying, "Friend ghost, there are insects in your cave".
Vijay Singh continued to speak. He told the ghost that he had the best sleep in its cave, of all the years in his life. Still, there was an insect around in the cave which troubled him while Vijay Singh was sleeping. He then made a point that he was able to notice seven flappings of its wings. Though it did not bite him, he felt it to be disturbing.
The ghost was scared and shocked to hear such an unexpected answer from Vijay Singh. It did not understood how Vijay Singh had escaped from the seven heavy blows of the ghost. Those heavy blows could have smashed any person into pieces. It was amazed and scared by the extraordinary strength of Vijay Singh.
The Frightened ghost.jpg
The Frightened ghost
The ghost felt highly insecure being near him and so ran away from the cave. It left all the looted things in its cave.
Meaning of difficult words:
To move slowly and carefully without others notice
A feeling of disapproval or dislike on someone or something
To look at something secretly
A strong feel of fear that prevents logical thinking
Something that inspires fear
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