The ghost fed him dry fruits and a lot of milk, and later led him to a luxurious bed to sleep on, complete with pillows and bolsters.
     But Vijay Singh lay awake listening to the snores of the ghost. In the middle of the night, he slipped off his bed. He placed a bolster in the centre of the bed, throwing over it a coverlet to make it look exactly like a sleeping man. Having done this he crouched watchfully in a dark corner.
     Sure enough, just before the break of dawn, the ghost approached the bed armed with a stout club. He brought the club down on what he thought was Vijay Singh’s head. Not hearing even a groan, he smiled, pleased that he had killed his enemy.
The ghost took Vijay Singh to its haunted house. It treated Vijay Singh well. It gave him dry fruits and a lot of milk to have. It later gave him an expensive bed of superior quality to sleep. Pillows and bolsters entirely covered the bed.
Though Vijay Singh was given such an expensive bed, Vijay Singh did not sleep the whole night. He was brilliant enough to sketch out the plan of the ghost. The ghost kept snoring the entire night, and Vijay Singh was listening to it. And during the midnight, Vijay Singh left his bed. He filled his bed with bolsters in the middle, and he set that as a sleeping person by closing it with a bedspread. After having done this, Vijay Singh hid himself in a dark corner. He started to observe things around him silently.

As expected, just before the dawn, the ghost came near Vijay Singh's bed with a stout club. It thought that Vijay Singh was lying on his bed. He slowly moved the Stout club near the bed, thinking it was his head and strikes on that place. It felt to itself that it had killed its enemy. The ghost was happy with a broad smile to have killed his enemy without even a small noise.
Meaning of difficult words:
To support something
To breathe loudly through one's nose and mouth while asleep
Refers to a bedspread
Break of dawn
First light of the day
To come near or to deal with something
Sound that indicates pain
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