The monkey was scared and distressed. But he was sensible and clever like all monkeys. He kept a cool head. Calmly he said, “I’d do anything for you and your family. You are my only friend. After all, what is a monkey’s heart compared with the life of a crocodile’s wife? But how foolish could you be? Why didn’t you tell me before? I’d have brought my heart along.”
     “But where is your heart?” asked the crocodile innocently. “I thought you carried it all the time.”
The monkey was happy and cheerful, being invited for the meal. Suddenly, when the crocodile disclosed its tricky plan, the monkey was scared.
Monkey scared by crocodile's plan.jpg
Monkey scared by crocodile's plan
The monkey was upset, for, the only friend he had been gentle and generous all these days has planned to cheat him. Still, the monkey didn't lose its confidence but started to think.

Like all monkeys, the crocodile's friend is also smart, blessed with the presence of mind. Though scared of the situation, the monkey kept it mind calm and allowed himself to think for a solution. The monkey formed a quick plan in his head.

The monkey replied the crocodile calmly without showing his fear. It assured the crocodile that it would do anything for him and his family since the crocodile was his only friend. The monkey also told him that the crocodile's wife's life is worthier than the monkey's heart.

Then, the monkey blamed the crocodile for being foolish and not revealing his wife's wish before their journey. The monkey continued to explain the crocodile that it kept the heart on the tree. Since the crocodile hasn't informed him before about its need, the monkey hasn't carried it along. The crocodile believed the monkey's words. It inquired the monkey that it never thought it to be so but expected the monkey always to carry his heart.
Meaning of difficult words:
Being in a state of fear
Being very upset and anxious
Able to good judgements based on reason than on emotion
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