“My wife wants you over for a meal, dear friend,” said the crocodile when he visited the monkey next. “You must come home with me today.”
     “With pleasure,” said the monkey. “I’m no swimmer, but can ride on your back.” And they set out.
     In the middle of the river, where the current was the strongest, the crocodile could no longer hide his intention. “Sorry, my friend,” he said hesitatingly, “but I have to go under water now. I’ve brought you here to kill you. My wife cannot survive without eating your heart. Good bye.”
On next day, when the crocodile met the monkey, it invited the monkey for a meal. It told the monkey that his wife had asked him to have a meal along. And the crocodile called the monkey to come along with it. The innocent monkey felt very happy. It happily accepted the crocodile's offer.

As the monkey did not know how to swim, it informed the crocodile and decided to ride on its back. Both the crocodile and the monkey started towards the crocodile's house.
Monkey riding on crocodile's back.jpg
Monkey riding on crocodile's back
When they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile decided to reveal its actual colour as it didn't want to hide its plan for too long. The crocodile disclosed its plan of killing the monkey to please his wife, so it took the monkey along to immerse it in the water and kill it. The crocodile also gave him the reason that his wife cannot survive without eating the monkey's heart and at last wished the monkey 'goodbye'.
Meaning of difficult words:
A plan in mind to do something
To pause or wait before doing or saying something
To be somewhere where you cannot be found
To continue to live in a difficult situation
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