Stanza \(1\)'s opening lines lay the groundwork for the poem. It explains how a little cat got stuck on a tree. The cat was in a bad situation and needed assistance to get down the tree branch.
The problematic situation of the cat that prompted the child's father to take action in rescuing the cat from the tree was also explained in the lines of Stanza 1. Despite the fact that the poem was about a problem that has to be solved, it remained hilarious throughout. The poem's subsequent lines are expected to provide a solution to this dilemma.
Stanza \(2\) depicts the status of the tree and the mother's anxiety for the kid's father. The limbs of the tree looked unstable and tall. The child's mother predicted the status of the tree and what would happen if her husband tried to climb it.
Since the mother suspects the tree's stability, she warned him (the kid's father) not to climb on the tree because the branch may break. As a kind wife, she looked to be extremely protective of her family members.
Cat stuck on a tree.jpg
Cat stuck on a tree
In the third stanza, the child's father began to implement his Plan A with overconfidence, calling himself a good climber and insulting his wife. Climbing a tree, he says, was like "child's play" for him.

Stanza \(4\) describes how he rushed to the garden shed to fetch a ladder. He used it (the ladder) to go to the top of the tree. Nothing worked out. As his wife suspected, his attempt failed and he fell on the ground. His wife had already warned him not to climb the tree since the branches appeared to be frail and unstable. He didn't pay attention and ended up on the ground.
 The Kid's father uses ladder to climb up the tree
Stanza \(5\) elucidates the kid's father's pride once more. He didn't lose his confidence even after he fell. He got back up, dusting himself and his clothes. This attitude indicates that he will carry out a strategy to save the cat again and that he will never change his mind.
Dad's confidence.jpg
Dad's confidence
Stanza \(6\) describes how the kid's father appeared to be preparing to carry out plan B. He was planning to swung himself on a branch of the tree. And his adoring wife was once again warning him, protesting that he should not engage in any more activity because he may fall again by climbing up the tree, which could not support the weight of anyone.
Stanza \(7\) depicts the child's father's determination to climb the tree. The child's mother cautioned him again about the tree's wobbliness. Nonetheless, the child's father remained adamant about climbing the tree; and, the branch was broken, as the child's mother had stated.
Stanza \(8\) describes how the children's father fell heavily when the branch was broken. The child's mother, who was terrified and disappointed, pleaded with her husband to end the trials. She was afraid that his efforts would result in breaking his neck.
Broken Tree Branch.jpg
Broken Tree Branch
Stanza \(9\) depicts the scene in which the child's father disregarded his wife's warnings and pleas and devised a new strategy (plan C), proclaiming himself to be a great climber once more. He also dismissed his wife's remarks, calling them "rubbish".
The tenth stanza indicates his third plan. He attempted to climb up the garden wall on his third attempt. He didn't collapse at the third effort and he finally succeeded. He had scaled the garden wall in order to get closer to the tree.
Stanza \(11\) tells how the child's father ultimately climbed the tree and landed in the cat's place with a huge leap (amid the tree).
The cat became frightened and cried. It jumped from the tree. Stanza \(12\) ends with the cat landing safely and happily on the ground. At last, this incident ultimately resolved the problem presented in the initial lines of the poem.
Cat landed on the Ground.jpg
Cat landed on the Ground
Stanzas \(13\) and \(14\) depict how the cat was happy and content after reaching the ground, whereas the child's father was stuck in the cat's place when he sought to aid the cat. The poem ended on a humorous note, as the child's father, who had hoped to save the cat, had eventually got himself in its position and had become a comic figure.
The Child's father stuck on a tree.jpg
The child's father stuck on a tree