The poem 'Dad and the Cat and the Tree' is written by 'Kit Wright', an eminent British writer. The poem is divided into \(14\) quatrain-style stanzas. The poem tells the story of a day in the garden when a child notices an innocent cat trapped on a tree.

The above-mentioned issue serves as an introduction. The situation prompted the child's father to take action in rescuing the cat from the tree. The poem's subsequent lines are supposed to provide a solution to this dilemma. The poem's central character is the child's father.
Despite his wife's concerns, the child's father continued his attempts. Even after falling twice while attempting to climb the tree, he held his confidence.
To begin, the child's father tried to climb the tree using a ladder. Second, he swung himself on a branch of the tree, but it broke. After trying these two attempts, he collapsed on the ground. Finally, he was able to reach the tree by climbing up the garden wall.
Despite the fact that he was successful in his third attempt, he was put at risk since the cat had safely dropped to the ground, but the kid's father remained trapped in the cat's place. The plot of the poem was fulfilled by his attempts to save an abandoned cat from a tree. The poem comes to a hilarious conclusion with a comedic climax.
The father of the child did not make a good plan or heed to his wife's counsel, which put him in difficulties. The poem instills a sense of anticipation in the child's father's efforts to address the situation.