The poem "Mystery of the Talking Fan" is written by American poet Maude Rubin. Rubin was born in Colorado on June \(30\), \(1891\). She has published around \(100\) poems and is famous for her collections "Leaves of Laurel" and "Lyrics of Three Women".
The poem "Mystery of the Talking Fan" revolves around the speaker who is curious about the workings of a fan. He probably feels that the fan is speaking to him. The sound attracts the speaker as there are many doubts that arise in her mind. The speaker is mostly a child, as adults generally do not ponder on such things. The ceiling fan was one of the most important inventions in the world of technology. It helps mankind in keeping themselves cool when there is a high temperature. In the olden days, people used to make handmade fans by folding clothes or palm fronds. Kings and other members of the elite classes even had people appointed to fan them. It was in \(1882\), the first electric fan was invented by a scientist named Philip Diehl. He used the same mechanism and motor used in Singer sewing machines. Later in \(1886\), John Hunter and his sons used the same concept to make belt driven fans. They later established the famous company Hunter fans. Initially, the fans had only two blades, which later changed to three and four.
The ceiling fan works in a way that its motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. In simple words, the fan releases air that makes the existing warm air to rise up and the cool air to sink down. As the warm air rises, the blades slash it, thereby spreading it across the room. They speed up the dissolving of sweat in our body that makes us cool. Fans can also make a squeaking noise if they have loose screws.