Once there was a talking fan —
Electrical his chatter.
I couldn’t quite hear what he said
And I hope it doesn’t matter
The poet talks about the working of a fan in "Mystery of the Talking Fan". The title signifies that the speaker considers it a mystery as to how the fan works. Mystery in general is some event that one does not have an answer to. It may have a tone of suspense that gives one an eagerness to solve. The speaker seems to be a child as children have a very curious mind. They ponder about trivial things and events around them. The speaker considers the fan as a human being throughout the poem. The fan is personified as its sound is referred to as 'talking'.
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Ceiling fan
The poem begins by introducing the talking fan. Although the readers may wonder as to how a fan, being a non-living object, can talk. The next line explains that the chatter was electrical. The speaker feels that the fan wanted to convey something. In a busy world, humans do not even have time to wait and listen to their fellow human beings. The speaker making an effort to understand the fan's emotions is a direct reference to this. The fan's sound is not just a slow conversation, rather it is a chatter. This shows that the fan makes a lot of noise without giving any break. It is also referred to as electrical, as the fan may cause the sound because of any fault in electrical lines or a few loose screws. The speaker cannot understand what the fan is trying to convey but hopes it is not something serious. If it was a matter of concern, the speaker feels that he would regret not having heard the fan.
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The speaker wonders what the fan is communicating
Words with difficult meaning:
ChatterTalk quickly or for a long time
MysteryA thing that is not understood or cannot be explained
TrivialNot very important
PersonifiedTalking about a non-living thing as if they have life
CuriousEager to learn or know
RegretTo feel bad about not doing something
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