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The poem 'Trees' by Shirley Bauer revolves around the importance of trees in our lives. The poet lists out all the purposes of trees in our daily lives. Trees serve as home to all birds. Birds build nests and lay eggs on tree tops. Trees can even serve children by helping them have fun when they play games. They can hide behind their tree trunks when they play hide and seek. They trap kites which children fly around. As for adults, they do not recognise the tree's worth even when they enjoy all the benefits. They organise tea parties and enjoy the shade that it provides when it is hot in summer. They do not pay attention to trees in winter. They make tree houses by reshaping trees. They make swings and even cut out its branches for timber. Unlike the trees, they discriminate between an apple and pear tree. When it is autumn and the leaves fall, the mothers think about adoring the beauty and painting the scene. The fathers think about collecting the leaves together and making money by selling it.