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The poem "Trees" lists out various benefits of planting a tree. The poet also talks about how people do not recognise the values of trees in their lives. Trees give comfort to all kinds of creatures in this world. But people cut trees for their own benefit. They do not realise that they are causing their own downfall by doing so. Industries and huge apartments cannot help the human race survive from global warming and climate change. When humans use appliances that emits harmful greenhouse gases like carbon di oxide, it gets out in the environment. Trees absorb this CO2 and emit oxygen. But when there are less tree, the emission of these gases causes a considerable rise in the temperature. This leads to unusual things happening, like glaciers melting, weather patterns changing etc. Humans do not even think about the abundance of wealth that trees offer. They make use of every aspect of the tree from its branches to shade, but in return, chop them. The poem is a wake-up call for all human beings to be grateful for trees.