(Scene 7: Gopal is on his way from the market and is walking with a big fish. He can be seen passing through a crowd of onlookers;  they are commenting on his look)
Narrator: Gopal bought the Hilsa-fish. Gopal started walking towards the palace.

Boy: Mother, Look at that man! Isn't he comical?

Man 1: He must be a mad man.
Man 2: Hush! I think he's a mystic.

(Scene 8: Outside the palace)
Narrator:  When Gopal reached the court---

Guard 1: What do you want?
Gopal: I want to see the king.

Guard 1: You can't see the king! Get away with you!

(Scene 9)
Narrator: Gopal began to dance and sing loudly.
The scene that follows takes place on his way. Gopal arrived at the fish market and bought a massive Hilsa-fish. He reminded himself of his mission and began walking towards the palace. People standing nearby were staring at him as he walked, judging him based on his appearance. But people failed to notice the fish in his hand. A young boy and his mother came to buy things in the market. On seeing Gopal, the boy told his mother to look at him because he seemed to be very comical (one can't stop laughing at Gopal's appearance).

People started laughing after seeing Gopal's appearance
From the crowd, two persons were discussing Gopal and his look. When the first man saw Gopal, he thought Gopal was insane. And the next one contradicted by telling his opinion as Gopal might be a spiritual person (they judged Gopal based on his appearance). Gopal met several people on the way but no one noticed the Hilsa-fish in his hand.

Finally, Gopal reached the court with his Hilsa-fish. The guard outside the palace asked him, "What do you want?" Gopal answered him that he would like to see the king. However, the guard refused to let Gopal inside the palace after examining his appearance and said, "You can't see the king! Get away with you!"

The guard did not allow Gopal inside the palace

Gopal began to dance and sing loudly because the guard would not allow him to see the king. Gopal danced and sang to seek the attention of the people and make them not to see what was in his hand.
Meanings of the difficult words:
ComicalA person's behaviour or appearance appealing to be in a laughing way 
Mission An important assignment or task given to a person or a group of people
Massive Seemed to be large or heavy
Staring Look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something with one's eyes wide open
Contradicted Assert the opposite of a statement made by someone
Opinion A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge
Examining Inspect someone or something thoroughly in order to determine their nature or condition
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