(Scene 10)
Narrator: Inside the palace---

(The king hears the conversation between the guards and Gopal)

Guard 1:The man is crazy!
Guard 2: Throw him out at once!
Gopal: I want to see the king let me in!

(The guard is called for, and then the king demands Gopal's presence)

King: Bring that man to me at once!
Guard 1: Yes! Your Majesty.
The following scene is set inside the king's palace. People inside the palace had no idea that that the man standing outside the palace was Gopal and they never recognised Gopal's disguise. The guards were irritated by his loud voice. The guards started to tell that man was crazy and they should throw him away.
At that time, the king heard a call that "I want to see the king let me in!". After hearing that loud cry, the king ordered one of his guards to bring the man in front of him. The guards were in the thought of throwing him out, but the king let him in because he lives for the goodness and welfare of the country people. If anyone needs any help, the majesty would arrive there to help them. So when he heard Gopal's voice, the king asked the guard to let him in. The guard accepted his order and went out to call Gopal.
The king ordered his guard to bring Gopal inside the palace
Meanings of the difficult words:
CrazyMad, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behaviour
Recognised Identify from knowledge of appearance or character
Irritated Showing or feeling slight anger; annoyed
Spoil Destroy the value or quality of someone
Welfare The health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group
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