One of the first things Kari did was to save the life of a boy. Kari did not eat much but he nevertheless needed forty pounds of twigs a day to chew and play with. Everyday I used to take him to the river in the morning for his bath. He would lie down on the sand bank while I rubbed him with the clean sand of the river for an hour. After that he would lie in the water for a long time. On coming out his skin would be shining like ebony, and he would squeal with pleasure as I rubbed water down his back. Then I would take him by the ear, because that is the easiest way to lead an elephant, and leave him on the edge of the jungle while I went into the forest to get some luscious twigs for his dinner. One has to have a very sharp hatchet to cut down these twigs; it takes half an hour to sharpen the hatchet because if a twig is mutilated an elephant will not touch it.
Kari had done many good things for the narrator and others. One among them was Kari saved the life of a drowning little boy. Every day the narrator used to take Kari for his morning bath. Kari was very much interested in bathing. He liked to play with the water. He would lie on the river bank and the narrator would rub his body with the clean sand of the river.
Kari enjoys his morning bath
While bathing, Kari would squeal in pleasure. He would remain in the water for a long time. The narrator compared Kari's skin to the ebony wood. His skin would be shinning after his long lasting bath. Kari felt very fresh after his morning bath.
Kari's skin compared to an ebony wood
The narrator used to leave Kari near the edge of the forest and Kari would roam nearby places. Later on, the narrator went inside the deep forest to get some delicate twigs for Kari. Though Kari did not eat much, he needed forty pounds of twigs a day. He liked to play with the remaining twigs. The twigs were very light and delicious. Kari would prefer such kind of twigs to eat.
Kari eating twigs
To cut the twigs, the narrator needs to carry a sharp hatchet. Hatchet is a kind of axe used for breaking twigs. It takes half an hour to sharpen the hatchet because the sharpened hatchet would cut the twigs perfectly. An elephant would not touch a mutilated twig because it may hurt him.
Hatchet used for cutting woods and twigs
Meanings of the difficult words:
EbonyA very hard dark wood of a tropical tree used for making furniture
MutilatedTorn awkwardly/disfigured
Pleasure Happy/joy
HatchetSmall axe
LusciousTasty and sweet smelling
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