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     KARI, the elephant, was five months old when he was given to me to take care of. I was nine years old and I could reach his back if I stood on tiptoe. He seemed to remain that high for nearly two years. We grew together; that is probably why I never found out just how tall he was. He lived in a pavilion, under a thatched roof which rested on thick tree stumps so that it could not fall in when Kari bumped against the poles as he moved about.
The main characters of the story "Bringing up Kari" are Kari and the narrator. Kari was just a five-month-old baby elephant when he reached the narrator. The narrator was not only the caretaker but also his best friend. He treated Kari like a baby.
Kari and the narrator
When he was a little boy, he could reach Kari's back if he stood on tiptoe.
Narrator stood on tiptoe
Both of them grew together, and the narrator probably didn't know how tall Kari was. He lived in a pavilion under a thatched roof; it rested on thick stumps so that it would not fall when Kari tried to move around.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Shelter; relaxation spot
To walk on your toes with your heels off the ground
Materials such as leaves or straw used to cover a roof
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