Every morning Chandni watched the hilltops bathed in the sunlight. “How beautiful those hills are!” she thought. “How refreshing the breeze that blows through them! And how lovely to run across those green fields!” She ran towards the hills but had to stop with a jerk—the rope round her neck wouldn’t let her go any further. How she hated that rope!
     She stopped eating the green grass Abbu Khan brought for her; nor did she listen to his stories with interest and affection. She lost her appetite, grew very thin and stared moodily at the hilltops bathed in sunlight. Abbu Khan did not understand Chandni’s anguish. At last, she decided to speak to him frankly. “Dear Abbu Khan,” she said, “let me go to the hills, please. If I stay on in your compound, I’ll die.” Now Abbu Khan understood Chandni’s problem, but it made him very unhappy. The earthen pot which contained Chandni’s breakfast fell from his hands and broke into a thousand pieces.
Abbu Khan underestimated Chandni. As Chandni grew older, she had a strong desire to climb the hills and breathe in the fresh air like any other hill goat. Every morning, she began to gaze at the sun-drenched hilltops and marvel at their beauty. The cool wind from the hills struck her about how lovely it would be to run through the fields. The rope around her neck, on the other hand, would prevent her from fleeing. She became irritated with the rope that held her captive.
Sunrise on the Hills

As a result, she stopped eating grass and did not pay attention to Abbu Khan's stories. She grew extremely thin as a result of skipping meals, yet she would spend the whole day staring at the hills, wishing she could go there. Abbu Khan had no idea what Chandni's problem was or why she was acting so oddly.
Green Hills

Finally, Chandni decided to confront Abbu Khan about her problems. Chandni told Abbu Khan about her problem. She begged Abbu to let her go up the hills because she was afraid that she would die if she didn't breathe the air of freedom. Abbu Khan recognised Chandni's problem and the reasons for her strange behaviour when Chandni spoke with him.

Despite the fact that he understood Chandni's predicament, he felt miserable and helpless since he knew that letting her go up the hills would only make things worse for her. Listening to Chandni's desire, he dropped Chandni's breakfast pot from his grip. It (the pot), like Abbu Khan's heart, was shattered into a thousand pieces.
Meaning of difficult words:
AnguishMental pain or suffering
Confront To make somebody face or deal with an unpleasant, difficult person or situation
PredicamentA difficult or unpleasant situation
Shattered Broken into very small pieces
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