“Why do you want to leave me, Chandni?” Abbu Khan asked.
     “I want to go to the hills,” Chandni answered.
     “Don’t you like the food here? I’ll give you tastier food and a much longer rope.”
     “No, thank you. Let me go to the hills.”
     “Do you realise the risk you are running, you obstinate creature? There is a dangerous wolf in the hills. He’ll eat you up.” Abbu Khan did his best to warn her.
     Chandni answered, “God has given me a pair of horns. I’ll fight the wolf.
Abbu Khan couldn't understand why Chandni wanted to leave Abbu's house, despite the privileges and delicious meals she enjoyed. Abbu adored her more than anything else in his life. Abbu Khan was confused as to why the goats wanted to travel to the hills.
The goats, after all, were well aware that going up the hills could prove fatal. Abbu Khan questioned Chandni about the cause of her desire to visit the highlands. She remained silent. "I want to go to the hills," she said. Her wish to go to the hills was the reply to Abbu Khan's query. He asked whether she disliked the meal served at Abbu's house. He also promised her more delicious meals as well as a much longer string. Despite this, he did not receive a good response.
Chandni turned down Abbu's offer and insisted on going up the hills. Abbu Khan made every effort to convince her of the difficulty of ascending the mountain. He warned her about the dangerous wolf that may attack her if she went up to the hills. Despite Abbu's warnings, Chandni was adamant about going to the mountains, telling Abbu that she would fight the wolf with her horns.
Meaning of difficult words:
Obstinate Refusing to change your opinions
Insist To say firmly that something must be done or must happen
Privilege A special benefit or an opportunity available to someone
Delicious Refers to a pleasant taste or smell
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