ONCE upon a time there lived an old man in Almora. He was popularly known as Abbu Khan. He lived all alone except for a few goats which he always kept as pets. He gave his goats funny names such as Kalua, Moongia or Gujri. He would take them out for grazing during the day and talk to them as one talks to one’s own children; at night he would bring them back to his little hut and put a string round the neck of each goat.
     Poor Abbu Khan was a little unlucky in the matter of his goats. Very often at night one of the goats would pull and pull at the string till it broke loose, and then would disappear in the hills beyond. Goats in hilly regions hate being tied to trees or poles. They love their freedom. Abbu Khan’s goats were of the best hill breed. They too loved their freedom. So whenever they got the chance, they would run away only to get killed by an old wolf who lived in the hills.
Once, there lived an old man named Abbu Khan in Almora. Almora is not a fictional place. It is a cantonment town and municipal board in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, located on a ridge on the southern border of the Kumaon Hills in the Central Himalaya range.

Except for the few goats he kept as pets, Abbu Khan lived alone in Almora. Abbu Khan cared for his goats as if they were his children, since he lived alone and only had his pets to keep him company. He'd given his goats funny names like Kalua, Moongia, and Gujri. Kah-LOO-ah is the pronunciation that means "The second kid" in the Hawaiian language, and Gujri means "a beautiful girl" in Hindi.

During the day, Abbu would take the goats out for grazing and talk to them as if they were his children. He'd then take them back to his hut at night and put a string around each goat's neck.
Abbu Khan's pets

Abbu adored his goats and was always looking out for them. Despite Abbu Khan's best efforts, he was unable to keep his goats with him. The reason behind this was that one of the goats would frequently break the string at night and go up the hills, never to be seen again. Goats in hilly areas generally hate being tied to trees or poles and prefer to remain free.
As Almora was a hilly region, Abbu's goats also desired to climb the hills and enjoy their freedom. Abbu Khan's goats were of the highest quality hill breed. Despite Abbu's affection for his goats, the goats opted to flee away from his hut one by one and seek shelter in the hills. And the wolf in the hills killed the goats that flew out of Abbu.
Meaning of difficult words:
String A piece of long, thin rope
BreedA particular variety of animal
PoleA rounded stick or rod that is commonly constructed of wood or metal.
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