Zakir Husain Khan was born in the Central Indian state of Hyderabad (\(8\) February \(1897\) – \(3\) May \(1969\)). He was an Indian economist and politician who served as the country's third President from \(13\) May \(1967\) until \(3\) May \(1969\).
Details on his political career may be found in the table below:
\(13\) May \(1967\) – \(3\) May \(1969\)\(3\)rd President of India
\(13\) May \(1962\) – \(12\) May \(1967\)\(2\)nd Vice President of India
\(6\) July \(1957\) – \(11\) May \(1962\)\(4\)th Governor of India
\(3\) April \(1952\) – \(2\) April \(1962\)
Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha (Nominated)
Zakir Husain was a prominent educationist in addition to being a politician and economist. He created great stories for young children, but only some people are aware of this. "For all children," he wrote, "the first books they read are the key to the magic of the world."

The following table lists the titles of books retold by Zakir Husain Khan:
A Flowers Song
Blowing Hot, Blowing Cold
Little Chicken in a Hurry
The Poori that Ran Away
The Bravest Goat in the World
Zakir Husain's retellings of the five stories mentioned above were initially written in Urdu. They were later translated into English by Samina Mishra, Zahir Husain's great-granddaughter. The lesson "Chandni" is based on Abbu Khan's story "The Bravest Goat in the World."