The lesson "Chandni" insists on "the importance of freedom". The story was originally written in the Urdu language by Zakir Husain. Later, Anees Chishti, a senior journalist and Zakir Husain's biographer, translated it from Urdu to English.

Chandni, a goat, is the protagonist of the story, "Chandni". She fought for her freedom till the very end. Any reader who reads Chandni's narrative will undoubtedly be inspired with a sense of liberty. This narrative was written by Zahir Husain in the early \(1920\)s, when the British were exploiting Indians.

The story of Chandni was an allegorical work that reflected India's struggle for independence. An allegory is a story in which the events and characters represent something other than themselves. The personalities of the goats, particularly Chandni, represent every Indian who struggled for independence and sacrificed their lives to achieve it.

The hill goats did not want to back down, even though they knew they would be murdered in the process of achieving freedom. Chandni bravely fought against the wolf, though she was not as mighty as the wolf. Her brave spirit made her a winner at last. The story stresses attaining freedom even at the loss of our lives.