Golu put out his trunk and plucked a large bundle of grass. He dusted it against his forelegs and stuffed it into his mouth.
     “Advantage number two,” hissed the python. “You couldn’t have done it with a small nose. Don’t you think the sun is too hot now?”
     Golu scooped up some mud from the bank and slapped it on his head.
     “Advantage number three,” hissed the python. “You couldn’t have done it with a small nose.”
     “Thank you, Mr Python,” said Golu gratefully. “I’ll remember all this and now I’ll go back to my family.”
Golu plucked a bunch of grass with his trunk when the python urged him to eat. After brushing it on his forelegs, he put it in his mouth. Once again, the python stated it to be a benefit of having a long snout, citing it as a second advantage of having trunk.
Golu-plucking grasses.jpg
Golu-plucking grasses
The python then asked Golu whether he thought it was too hot. Since it was extremely hot, Golu scooped some mud with his snout and slapped it on his head. It was the third advantage, according to the python, because Golu wouldn't have been able to do it without a long snout.
Golu-Slapping mud on his head.jpg
Golu-spraying mud on its head
Golu eventually saw the benefits of the expanded trunk and thanked the python for his assistance. Through his encounter, Golu also learned about the hazards of curiosity. Curiosity is beneficial in broadening one's worldview, yet it may also lead to terrible circumstances.
Second, Golu understood the value of helping others since, as a result of his assistance to the python, he (Golu) was assisted at a time of need. Furthermore, Golu had understood the advantages of change, as change may be good at times.
Finally, Golu returned home, having realised his mistakes and the benefits of having a big nose.
Meaning of difficult words:
GratefullyIn a thankful manner
Scoop upTake out
SlapTo put something onto a surface quickly
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