After lunch-time, Bepin Babu realised that he couldn’t possibly carry on sitting at his desk and working. This had never happened in the twenty-five years he had been with the firm. He had a reputation for being a tireless, conscientious worker. But today his head was in a whirl.
     Back home at two-thirty, Bepin Babu lay down in bed and tried to gather his wits together. He knew that it was possible to lose one’s memory through an injury in the head, but he didn’t know of a single instance of someone remembering everything except one particular incident — and a fairly recent and significant one at that. He had always wanted to go to Ranchi; to have gone there, done things, and not to remember was something utterly impossible.
Bepin Babu had phoned Dinesh Mukherji to confirm that he had not visited Ranchi, but it backfired. In fact, Bepin collapsed further after receiving the confirmation from Dinesh about the Ranchi trip.
After lunch-time, Bepin Babu realised he couldn't properly continue working at his desk. Such an incident had never happened in his twenty-five years with the company. He had a reputation for being a hardworking and dedicated employee. But his mind was full of confusions on that day which didn't allow him to work.
He faced repeated failures when he tried to prove that he had not gone to Ranchi.
Finally, around \(2\):\(30\) p.m., Bepin returned home since he couldn't concentrate on his official duties any longer. He went to bed, attempting to regain his thoughts on Ranchi trip.

He was aware that a head injury might cause memory loss, but he had never heard of somebody remembering everything except one specific incident. Also, he does not forget anything in his day to day life; he never made the mistake of missing anything in his office of all the years he worked. So, it seemed odd that he had forgotten about a major incident and not just a little part of it. After all, the incident occurred only a few years ago.
Most importantly, he desired to visit Ranchi, and so it seemed impossible that he did not remember that he'd gone there, done things, and forgot everything about it. How could one forget the outcome of a long-term desire? Despite the fact that Bepin's logical questions appeared to support his claim, Dinesh and Ghose's conversation undermined it.
Meaning of difficult words:
WhirlA state of confusion
TirelessWorking hard for long without stopping
Conscientious Working hard and careful to perform things well
Instance A particular case or example
WitAbility to think quickly and clearly
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