At seven thirty, Bepin Babu’s servant came and announced, “Chuni Babu, sir. Says it’s very important.”
     Bepin Babu knew what Chuni had come for. Chunilal had been at school with him. He’d been having a rough time lately and had been coming to see him about a job. Bepin Babu knew it was not possible to do anything for him and, in fact, told him so. But Chuni kept turning up like a bad penny.
     Bepin Babu sent word that not only was it not possible for him to see Chuni now, but not in several weeks.
Bepin spent the entire day going through events one by one, starting with the bookstall incident. Finally, it was approximately \(7\):\(30\) p.m. that Bepin Babu's servant came to inform him that Chuni Babu had arrived to meet Bepin. Chunilal Babu was Bepin's school friend, and he has known him for many years. Chunilal had come for a reason, and Bepin Babu knew what it was.
Chunilal has been having some difficulties recently and had come to visit him about a job opportunity. Despite the fact that Bepin was Chunilal's classmate, he did not assist him in a crisis. Bepin Babu knew he couldn't assist Chunilal and told him so. Chuni, on the other hand, kept returning to Bepin's residence, despite the fact that he was not welcomed.
It was not the first time Bepin tried to avoid Chunilal, but he had done it repeatedly. Despite it, Chunilal often had gone to meet Bepin as his situation was worst being jobless. When Chunilal came to meet him on that day, Bepin Babu left a message with his servant. It was to let him know that he wouldn't be able to visit Chunilal for a couple of weeks.
Meaning of difficult words:
Appearing like a bad pennyTo appear again in a place where you are not wanted
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