Bepin Babu had to turn away from Chuni’s incredulous stare.
     “Do you remember what my last job was?” asked Chunilal.
     “Of course. You worked in a travel agency.”
     “You remember that and you don’t remember that it was I who fixed up your railway booking for Ranchi? I went to the station to see you off; one of the fans in your compartment was not working — I got an electrician to fix it. Have you forgotten everything? Whatever is the matter with you? You don’t look too well, you know.”
     Bepin Babu sighed and shook his head.
Bepin Babu felt ashamed to hear Chunilal's comments, and he couldn't bear Chuni's surprised expression about Bepin's confusion.

Suddenly, Chunilal inquired about his former employment, to which Bepin answered that Chunilal had previously worked for a travel agency. This proves Bepin's exceptional recall. Moreover, Chunilal had a reason behind asking him this question. Since Chunilal worked in a travel agency, he helped Bepin with train reservations.

Chunilal went on to add another point to his argument as he informed him that, Chunilal was the one who arranged for an electrician to replace one of Bepin's compartment fans during his Ranchi trip.

Chunilal told Bepin about the incidents listed above to remind him of his journey to Ranchi. He then verified with Bepin to make sure he hadn't completely forgotten about the Ranchi trip. Bepin Babu's health was a concern for Chunilal; therefore, he inquired whether he had any health issues. Bepin Babu sighed and shook his head. However, following Bepin's meeting with Chunilal, Bepin became more worried since he believed he had lost his memory.
Bepin's depression.jpg
Bepin's depression
Meaning of difficult words:
SighTo breathe out slowly with a long sound when you are disappointed or tired
Incredulous Something impossible to believe
StareTo look at somebody or something for a long time
Remark To say or write something
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